BD 201, Regulating Combination

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  1. Reduction of inflammation. Natural antibiotic.
  2. Severe burns.
  3. Severe constipation.
  4. High blood pressure, adjusting of blood pressure, reduction of LDL cholesterol and hardening of arteries.
  5. Acute high fever.
  6. Madness (even severe like schizophrenic, psychopathic), nervous breakdown, epilepsy, tinnitus, sleepwalking.
  7. Stopping of blood hemorrhage internally and externally.
  8. Infections of the mouth, gums, teeth, nose (red nose), ears, throat.
  9. Shingles, skin rashes, herpes (acute).
  10. Acute polio, muteness from birth.
  11. Poison from alcohol, drugs, chemicals, including overdose of sleeping pills.
  12. Acute dizziness, lightheadedness, hot flashes.
  13. Palpitation.
  14. Hallucinations.
  15. Acute bleeding from stroke.

Notes: In ancient times this combination was used for strong-type person with no diarrhea tendency.


 Ingredients: Rhubarb, Scutellaria, Coptis

Combination's Energy Level: Cool

Combination's Taste: 65% Bitter, 17.5% Piquant, 17.5% Sweet

   Main Meridians: HC, SP, S, LV, LI, and SI (evenly)