BP 401, Cleansing Tea (1)

£ 44 


  1. Genital Herpes.
  2. Gonorrhea or non-specific urethra infections.
  3. Vaginal infections, yeast infections, discharge, including chronic.
  4. Bladder infections; uterus infections.
  5. Low-grade prostate infections.
  6. Infection and discharge in rectum.
  7. Various infections in lower part of the abdomen.

Ingredients: Tag Kuei, Rhemannia, Akebia, Scutellaria, Alisma, Plantago, Gentiana, Gardenia, Nepeta.

Combination's Energy Level: Cool

Combination's Taste: 50% Sweet, 30% Piquant, 15% Bitter, 5% Salty

Main Meridians: Primarily: LV and GB; Secondarily: SP; L and K; then LI, H and SI slightly.