BP 407, Retexturizing Tea

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  1. Skin disorders, such as psoriasis, eczema, boils, sores, ring worm, dry skin, athlete's foot, fungus, shingles, herpes (not genital), over-all itchiness.
  2. Poison oak.
  3. Benefits enhanced when on a diet excluding butter, margarine, refined sugar and shellfish.
  4. Benefits enhanced when used in conjunction with Royal Jade Cream.

Notes: In rare observations, improvement in psoriasis was preceded by a temporary worsening of the condition.


Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Rhemannia, Gypsos, Siler, Atractylodes, Akebia, Anemarrhena, Cicada, Sophora, Schizonepeta, Sesame, Licorice.

Combination's Energy Level: Low Cool

Combination's Taste: 45% Sweet, 40% Piquant, 10% Bitter, 5% Salty

Main Meridians: Sedates SP, L and TH and energizes S.