Introductory Course

The course will run over 9 weeks while meeting once a week e.g. Tuesday 7-8pm. The venue and times have not been booked as I wanted to make sure there was the interest first.

Each participant will be expected to purchase the five books Dr. Chang has published plus a copy of the Tao Te Ching by myself, a pot of Jade Cream, and one tea from Dr. Chang of your choice. All of these will be used on the course, and of course will be yours to keep after the course has finished.

All of Dr. Chang's books are aimed at empowering the reader with the tools needed for self improvement and to obtain full health, where you become your own teacher! This 9 week course will cover an introduction into Taoism and its 8 subjects of understanding. (see classes and workshops link, bottom of this page) covering one subject a week.

The cost of the course will be £300, most of which is in materials, that you will keep and use for the rest of your life!

There will also be a discount of 10% on any teas bought via myself for the first year of your journey into Taoism, as we unfold the wisdom of Dr. Stephen T.Chang, to reveal the four pillars of Taoism: Health, Happiness, Longevity and Wisdom.

If this sounds interesting please contact me via the contact link.

This course is open to anyone over 18.

You do not need to be athletic or super fit and flexible to enroll on this course. You just need the interest to evolve through the eyes of Taoism, and the passion for success in your life to complete your mission.

Blessings to all.

Please see "Classes and Workshops" for an idea of what will be involved with the course.

This approach to Taoism is non-religious, so all are welcome.