GT 701, Body Building Tea

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  1. Increased immunity and anti-bodies.
  2. Revitalization of all internal organs; tonifies the entire body; blood building.
  3. Recovery from surgery.
  4. Cancer: benefits enhanced when used in conjunction with other combinations. For example, colon cancer: GT-701 plus BD-216; liver cancer: GT-701 plus BD-404; stomach cancer: GT-701 plus FP-604; etc.
  5. Leukemia and multiple sclerosis.
  6. AIDS.
  7. Anemia, low blood count, low energy.
  8. Body building following depletion from excessive use of antibiotics, exposure to radiation (including radiation therapy), chemotherapy and cobalt treatments.
  9. Exhaustion in athletes.
  10. Benefits enhanced with antibiotics for chronic infections.
  11. Blurry eyesight in conjunction with weak, depleted body.
  12. Improvement of blood circulation.
  13. Increase of appetite.
  14. Improvement of lung function.

Ingredients: Chinese Ginseng, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Poria, Tang Kuei, Paeonia, Rhemannia, Cnidium, Cinnamon, Coix.

Combination's Energy Level: Warm

Combination's Taste: 65% Sweet, 25% Piquant, 10% Sour, 10% Bitter

Main Meridians: Energizes all meridians with emphasis on H, TH, LV, SP and L.