GT 703, Central Tonic Tea

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  1. Myocarditis.
  2. Fibrillation.
  3. Rhythmic disorder.
  4. Heart failure, heart attack.
  5. Shortness of breath soothing of the lungs.
  6. Chest pain.
  7. Cardiac asthma.
  8. Hypertension.
  9. Edema.
  10. Coughing caused by heart trouble.
  11. Lack of energy, constant fatigue.
  12. Impotence.
  13. Angina.
  14. Fainting because of blockage of neck artery.
  15. Pulmonary Hypertension.

Ingredients: Licorice (specially treated), Zingiber, Cinnamon, Jujube, Ginseng, Rhemannia, Ophiopogon, Sesame, Gelatin.

Combination's Energy Level: Neutral

Combination's Taste: 65% Sweet, 20% Salty, 15% Piquant

Main Meridians: Sedates H and SP primarily. (Energizes L a lot, and TH secondarily.) The remaining overall impact on other meridians is rather balanced. Therefore, this combination has a strong concentration on sedating the heart directly and indirectly, while revitalizing the sexual glands. This combination is a heart specialty.