WD 501, Uro Tea

£ 44 


  1. Strengthens the prostate for men.
  2. Cleanses fat obstructions in prostate.
  3. Shrinks swelling, strengthens tissues, and regenerates the gland.
  4. Opens blood circulation.
  5. Secondary use for genital herpes, for men and women.
  6. Reduces skin infections in the lower genital area.
  7. Bladder and urinary tract infection in men and women

Ingredients: Poria, Zizphus, Longan, Cnidium, Polygala, Licorice, Saussurea, Ginger.

Combination's Energy Level: Low Cool

Combination's Taste: 55% Sweet, 30% Piquant, 15% Bitter

Main Meridians: LV, H and S.