The I Ching is an ancient art form developed in China since at least 1,000bc. The ancient Chinese were very evolved with the understanding of science, mathamatics and astronomy and how these three linked together to understand the Universe, thus understanding ourselves. This is because the human body was seen as the microcosom and the Universe the macrocosom. Therfore if we understood what was outside of us we could understand what was inside and vice-versa.

The principle of the I Ching is that the whole (Universe) has been divided once, then twice, then four times and then eight times. This formula is then doubled to give rise to the sixty-four digrams (8X8). Through a series of basic rules a digram can be drawn for further understanding.

This progress creates a feeling of security to the direction in our lives, we then feel more content as we contribute more to ourselves and society.

The I Ching also plays an integral role in meditation. After the digram has been drawn, the image and philosophy of the image can be meditated upon allowing further understanding to any situation.

Ultimately the I Ching is an extension of the self, and using this method to reveal wisdom speeds up the process of human evolution.