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The Great Tao

£ 27 

Health, happiness, longevity and wisdom equals Spiritual Evolution according to ancient Taoism. This book contains universal truths of proven limitless value. The only thorough treatise on Taoist philosophy filled with practical techniques for immediate life improvement. Especially comprehensive on I-Ching (universal life strategies), Taoist Herbology (methods of self-diagnosis, easy utilization of miraculous healing herbal formulas), full illustrations of Acupressure healing art applied to oneself and others and much, much more. 464 pgs. ISBN: 0942196015


The Complete System of Self Healing

£ 22 

Unique, safe, practical and immediately effective, Internal Exercises energize the entire body, promote effective functions of the internal organs, dissolve stress and tension, prevent health problems, heal, regenerate, and do much more without strenuous exercises or equipment. This textbook of many universities contains healing exercises for over 30 Common ailments. Recommended as one of the books bosses read in Fortune Magazine (USA). 224 pgs. ISBN: 0942196066.


Tao Te Ching

£ 10 

An updated version of James Legge's classic translation of The Tao Te Ching with gender neutral text. Whether your male or female the text flows on like water.


Royal Jade Cream

£ 36 

Royal Jade Cream is one of the most respected of all Tao Healing Arts products. Royal Jade Cream works to heal and generate new cells and tissues. In Elle magazine it was praised as one of Dr. Chang's "crown jewels" it is effective, safe, and gentle. Only a very small amount is needed. It can be used to treat blemishes, scars, wrinkles, and in addition has a healing effect on damaged skin. It is truly our "miracle" cream, which can be used on any skin area, face or body, day or night. It is easy and pleasant to use. It can also be used externally for eczema and psoriasis, and internally for gum infections, canker sores, hemorrhoids, herpes, and some eye diseases.


This combination has been famous in the history of China.
Jade Cream contains these superior materials:


Jade   Lithospermum   Frankincense   Myrrh   Pearls   Sesame Oil


  • It helps generate new, healthy skin tissues and repairs old, unhealthy cells.
  • It helps removes scars, wrinkles, and blemishes.
  • It makes the skin healthy and radiant.
  • The physicians of the Royal Family of China have also reported a wide range of benefits from Royal Jade Cream for symptoms like (or resembling): joints deformed by arthritis, herpes, sprained ankles, psoriasis, breast lumps, vaginal infections, skin cancer, spinal dysfunction, hemorrhoids, cataracts, glaucoma, and eczema. Its effectiveness has been continuously proven over the centuries.
  • It forms a protective barrier from the effects of the wind, cold, and pollution.
  • Jade cream is a superior product to use for infants for treating diaper rash and skin irritations


An extraordinary herbal skin care system was developed for the royal families of China. The Herbal Combinations were so treasured that they were more precious than priceless gems. This skin care system includes many secret combinations.


Herbal Tea of your choice. Please email with your choice after purchase!

£ 40