The following testimonials are mostly provided by Fay Mongraw, who was a certified Herbologist (now retired) specializing in the Taoist Classic Remedies (Herbal Combinations), as taught to her by Dr. Stephen T. Chang. Testimonials volunteered or eyewitnessed by many other students, practitioners, etc. are asterisked.

Accidents (Pain, Injury): BD-213 Circulation Combination


We have dealt with two young men who have been badly injured in motorcycle accidents. One had to have steel rods in his legs from the damage, in addition to a broken neck and back. The other was hospitalized in a complete body cast for 3 years due to a horrendous crackup. In both cases it was several years after the accidents that they came to me.

With the use of Acupowder patches, Circulation Combination (BD-213), massage with Royal Jade Cream on painful areas, and the teaching of Internal Exercises they have both shown a great deal of improvement in motion and relief from pain.

Adrenal Insufficiency―Addison’s Disease: GT-701 Body Building Combination, WD-301 Regeneration Combination

Frank, Fay’s husband:

In 1973 a prolonged session of headaches was diagnosed as viral encephalitis which was attacking the lining of the brain. After 2 weeks the headaches were gone, but he was left very weak. At that time he was taken to see Dr. Chang for a pulse diagnosis (with full permission of the family physician, who could not help this condition).

Dr. Chang read his pulses and immediately said that the problem was in the blood; at this time there was too little blood, and it was weak and of poor quality. This was a result of the virus.

Shortly after leaving Dr. Chang’s office our car was rear-ended by another car. Frank began vomiting after the collision and this continued until he was admitted to the hospital. During that time he went into a coma which lasted for 10 days. Hospital tests showed that the adrenal and pituitary glands had failed, and the bone marrow was functioning at a very low level. He was given extremely large doses of cortisone and was told that he would have to be on it for the rest of his life, because he was diagnosed as having Addison’s Disease.

The medication did not agree with him, and he felt that he wanted to try and heal his body in a more natural manner. He has been on two different formulas since that time, one to keep his energy level up, and one to improve the function of the kidneys and adrenal glands. He was able to keep up a fairly normal life for another 10 years.

*Basal Cell Carcinoma: AD-101 Travel Combination, BD-212 Dissolving Combination


Basal cell came off nose with an herbal formula! Thank God! Am using Jade cream now, several times a day. Many thanks!

*Breast Lumps: BD-212 Dissolving Combination


Each time I have sought your advice and help, I recovered 100% and quickly. . . . I developed a lump on the far right side of my right breast, feels about 15 mm in size. This had happened to me 3 1/2 years ago, and upon your advice I took Tao of Longevity herbs, and the lump went away. I continued to take the herbs for more than a year after the lump was gone.

Circulatory Problems: BD-213 Circulation Combination

In addition to the above specific cases we have successfully used herbs in several cases where elderly people have impaired circulation, and on younger people who have problems due to accidents. One woman whose legs had been ice cold and numb for 10 years began to feel tingling and warmth in her legs the first night she was on herbs.

Another woman who is on the Circulation Combination to improve the circulation to her abdomen and legs had her annual eye checkup and was amazed when her doctor told her that her glaucoma pressure reading had dropped 11 points! He was very interested to know what she had been doing!

*Cold, Flu: AD-101 Travel Combination, AD-102 Resistant Combination

Many people who have suffered from colds or flus testified that they were able to prevent or break the cycle of symptoms by taking higher doses of AD-101 every hour when the first symptoms of colds or flus appear. AD-102 is taken for the same purpose by the elderly.

*Eye Problems (Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration): GT 704-Bright Combination

This lady [Sara] called us months ago very upset and crying . She was afraid of going blind. She was at the workshop that you gave in Miami. Here is her testimony:

I wanted to give my input about the medicine I am taking since January 2012, recommended by you and it gave me lot of peace of mind on the progress of my eyes with glaucoma on both, macular degeneration-wet in one and cataract medium size. I have noticed my vision has improved and the macular degeneration didn't advance. My doctors (I have three different specialists) found a difference on my eye examinations and had made the comment about my cataract size is minimal, my eye pressure is lower and my macular-wet is not progressing, I feel so thrilled knowing that I can still continue driving and can read. There is no cure at this time but I believe that could be possible with GT 704-Bright. Thank you very much for introducing to me to this medicine.

Sara 06-11-12"

Heart Failure (Congestive): WD-301 Regeneration Combination, GT-703 Central Tonic Combination, GT-709 Longevity Combination

A woman in her 60’s had very unstable heart rhythms and been diagnosed as having Congestive Heart Failure for the past 3 years. She went onto the Central Tonic (GT-703) and changed periodically to Longevity Combination (GT-709) and had a strong and normal electrocardiagram for the first time in 15 years.

*Legs (weak): Royal Jade Cream

Thomas Y.:

I'm 80 years old and have suffered from terrible problems with my legs for years. When the condition first started I could barely walk. Then my legs completely gave out from under me and I’d collapse to the ground. I had to crawl with my arms to get to the phone to call for help. For years I’ve tried everything but nothing worked. One day a dear friend sent me a jar of [Royal] Jade Cream. I applied the cream to my legs and also used my heating pad to help its absorption. I did this faithfully for several days. Then I tried walking and was able to make it to my car. After every therapy session, I was able to do a little more like drive to the grocery store, buy some food, and drive back. Then one day my car wouldn’t start. I always feared trying to walk all the way to the grocery store, but my car forced me to walk 10 blocks to the grocery store and 10 blocks back. I couldn’t believe what I could do! I was elated! So I immediately asked my friend for your address and wrote this letter to let you know that my happiness has no bounds and how eternally grateful I am for you and the cream.

Lung Cancer: BD-210 Stone Combination or GT-705 Chest Strengthen Combination. GT-701 Body Building Combination (basic).

Kyle K.:

My late grandfather was diagnosed with Lung Cancer back in the 70’s and turned to your herbs for a source for body replenishing. Grandpa lived 36 years after being diagnosed and we all pay our respects to your products as our family believes that the only thing that kept him alive was his daily dose of herbs. Now I am extremely interested in your products and would love a purchase book or something that I can read regarding the herbs you sell. Please let me know if you have anything that would help me buy your products!

Lungs (Fungus in): GT-705 Chest Strengthen Combination


Several years ago a young repairman came to the house to work on some equipment. He was so helpful and so pleasant that we conversed quite a bit. He said that he was trying to build good Karma, as he did not expect to live much longer because of a condition of fungus in the lungs and throughout his entire body that he had acquired while serving in Vietnam. The VA Hospital at that time did not have a cure for this, only anti-inflammatory drugs to help with the symptoms.

At this point I recognized that this was no coincidence and arranged for him to visit Dr. Chang.

After one bottle of GT-705 Chest Strengthen Combination (called Lung Formula) he was greatly improved. His lungs were totally clear. His breathing was very much improved, and his voice had returned to normal, from the high-pitched wheezing sound we had heard before. Interestingly, he did not bring this accumulation of toxins up through his throat―rather, it cleared through his bowels and intestines. He said that he had multiple bowel movements for many days, very foul and copious.

When last I saw this man he had remained well for 7 years. He had returned to a VA Hospital for a checkup during that time and had no evidence of the previous condition, and the doctors again were very curious as to what had occurred.


Shirley R.:

With Dr. Chang's Internal Exercises, I was finally able to conceive a child. His herbs have helped me with a variety of conditions over the last 30 years.

*Sciatica: Acupowder


During a seminar, Crystal stated that she suffered from sciatica which causes sharp pain to emit from her lower back, the sciatic area. The pain, like nails being hammered into her flesh, was so debilitating that sometimes she could barely walk or even stand―her legs would suddenly lose strength and collapse from under her. Her suffering continued for six years and caused her great worry, with no relief from any of the doctors she had seen. As part of a demonstration, Dr. Chang located six extremely sensitive points in that area and applied tiny amounts of Acupowder to those points, covering them with surgical tape. About two hours later at dinner time, she stated to everyone that she sensed the discomfort and heaviness in both legs disappear. The next morning, she was late to the lecture hall, causing a bit of concern that she had worsened. But when she came in later she told everyone all the pain was gone—all six years of suffering gone.

*Stroke: GT-703 Central Tonic Combination, WD-307 Reducing Combination


[My sister] knows a woman named M. K., who used your formulas after suffering a stroke and obtained a complete cure. I am looking forward to trying them myself.

Travel Illnesses: AD-101 Travel Combination, AD-102 Resistant Combination

When our friends and clients travel they all take Combinations AD-101 and AD-102 with them, plus the Royal Jade Cream. A few, those who seem to be very susceptible to changes in food take FD-601 Ocean Combination also. Those who are going to an area where parasites present a problem take BD-216 along also, and continue on this formula for a period of time after returning.

One day I met a woman in Dr. Chang’s office who is a professional tour guide. She said that the only 3 people she had ever taken into the Valley of the Kings in Egypt who did not get sick (everybody gets sick there) had been on Dr. Chang’s Travel Combination (AD-101), so she wanted to meet him! This formula is also the one used when travelling to Mexico, as it is very good for avoiding or lessening attacks of “Turista.”

One day a lovely lady named Claire called. She was leaving for India and was very concerned about the vaccinations, and in particular the one for Cholera, as it had made her deathly ill before. She began Combination AD-102 awhile before the vaccinations were given and had no illness at any time. She had a large ugly red swelling on her arm a day after the shot, and as we rubbed Royal Jade Cream on it the swelling went down immediately and the redness began to fade before our eyes.

During her stay in India everyone in the ashram (Indian, American, European) came down with dysentery and parasitic infections of the colon, but she remained well the entire time. At one period she nursed one of the nuns through a case of Typhoid with no ill effects to herself. She remained in India for 1 year with no illness.

We also suggest to our friends who camp often with children that they keep one of these formulas on hand in case the children come down with problems and they are not close to a medical facility.

Note 1: The herbs are very traditionally very successful for chronic conditions such as migraine headaches and headaches of a non-specific origin, asthma, psoriasis, female disorders and infertility, male disorders and impotence, colitis, constipation, etc. On more than one occasion I have been contacted by a physician who noticed such a dramatic improvement in the condition of a patient that he wanted to know exactly what was going on.

Note 2: The herbs are very successful for hyperactive children, and also there is another formula for children who do not thrive for one reason or another.

For the sake of brevity only the shorter testimonials are provided here. Much more of Fay’s experience (including the method by which relief is brought about) can be found in The Great Tao on the following subjects: birth defects, chemical poisoning, Congestive Heart Failure (more), diabetes, hemochromatosis, paralysis, pets (various health problems), pneumonia, etc.

*Tumor: BD-212 Dissolving Combination


I was fortunate and blessed to have had a consultation with you over twenty years ago. . . . I was about 36 years old at the time and had an unusual tumor in the middle of my forehead. You said that you had never seen anything like it and suggested Dissolving Tea and another herbal formula. You said that it should change within 24 hours, and it did! The tumor shrank, then dissolved, and all that is left is a small scar. I believe I called you with the good news at the time.

All herbal combinations are available only through qualified practitioners.

NB Testimomials above are taken from Dr. Chang's website  www.thegreattao.com