The origins of Taoism lay shrouded in mystery, as for many years it's knowledge was passed down verbally until about 200 BC. Then different perspectives of Taoism started appearing everywhere in China, and many thoughts were written down. Then it became a main religion, followed by Confucianism then Buddhism; and then a mixture of all three! A few, of the many thousands of scholars of Taoism, over the last 2,000 yrs. have strived to keep the knowledge that's passed down, from generation to generation, as pure as possible; Dr. Chang in my opinion is one of them.

Why have you arrived here on this website? Maybe the Tao is calling you! Maybe you have a physical ailment, maybe your mind is confused or you seek spiritual clarity as to your direction, or maybe you know everything already and therefore maybe you should be wondering what you are doing here. The Tao speaks to all!

All the answers to those problems can be solved from a Taoist perspective. Original Taoism was about evolution and the four pillars of life: Health, Happiness, Longevity and Wisdom. Taoism started as a science NOT as a religion.

So please browse around this website, and read Dr. Chang's thoughts on Herbology. I am available for any questions you may have via the "contact".


The North Star is always (more or less) in the same place in the Heavens, and has been for a couple of thousand years, as the Earth and us revolve around it. The sky obviously moves in our perception of it, and because life (earth) wobbles this centre view point slowly changes in time. but for this lifetime it is the north star. therefore during meditation one connects to this stable point, hence the concept  "North Star Meditation".

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Blessings to you and welcome to the Tao.