Portrit of Martin by Trevor Felcy

Portrait of Martin Hall by Trevor Felcey.

I am a qualified Taoist practitioner (Cultivator) with the "Foundation of Tao, Inc." and hold a current certificate for the "Tao of Revitalization" under Dr. Stephen T. Chang.

I was a very active and inquisitive child, and as a young man this was channeled into the study of Shotokan Karate, which I did for many years. After achieving my 1st Dan (black belt) I opened a karate club and worked as the instructor.

In my 20's-30's I traveled intensively across the world experiencing different cultures and their approaches to fitness, health and medicine. On returning to the UK, I qualified as a Master Healer, and ran courses in this system in the UK and the USA.

In 2006 I met a professional painter who asked me if I would sit as a model for a painting. That first painting took eighteen months! I carried on being a model with that artist for seven years, sitting on a daily basis. The long hours of having to sit still were very demanding; this led me to study deeper into meditation (which I used for the sittings). Trying to keep still (but awake) for long periods of time was very demanding, and I needed help to keep my body, mind and spirit revitalized but I found something was missing. It was then I came across Dr. Chang's book "The Complete System of Self Healing". I followed the exercises that Dr. Chang had published, practiced his meditation techniques, and took the appropriate herbal formulas. I then used these techniques whilst sitting; I went from strength to strength, and around 25 portraits were accomplished over those seven years.

I then realized, so great was the system Dr. Chang had published  I was drawn to attend his classes; and after six years of study under him in 2012 I qualified with the Foundation of Tao, specializing with the subject of "Tao of Revitalization" (Internal Yoga/Nei Gong).

Now my daily practice of health follows the wisdom from Dr. Chang's system.

Dr. Chang is a highly accredited scholar of Taoism, and the ancient Chinese art of Herbalism. Over the years I have witnessed my own health continually improve, and the health of my family (as we all take Dr. Chang's Taoist Herbal Teas).

For me Taoism is time proven (at least 2,200 yrs.), and is one of the oldest sustaining systems of health and well being that we have recorded, and possibly the simplest.

As the human race we would be very foolish to let this ancient knowledge evaporate.

Blessings to all.

Martin Hall